Blogging Adventures and Computer Illiterateness

Let me just begin by saying, that this will not be a post about me complaining about how computer illiterate I am.  It’s just a fact.  However,  I hope to make all of you out in the blogosphere understand the depth to which I am trying to overcome this malady… if you will.  It has made for many a great ‘Amy Stories’.

Being as computer illiterate as I am does, however, pose a problem for me in that it will take me a while to really figure out this blog and how to  make it what I want it to be.  From the posts and formatting, to the pictures, and to all the other technological stuff  like widgets (I have no idea what they are, but I like the word).

Again, I’m not complaining, but laughing even as I am typing this out. Take for example this blog post.  It has literally taken me two days to post.  I lost the whole post TWICE and I still don’t know why (my  husband found me angrily talking to my computer early yesterday morning using a few choice words I normally wouldn’t use LOL)  I couldn’t figure out an appropriate title, forget the tags…although I am happy that I actually know what those are.  Something weird  kept happening while I was typing (I would type way faster than the words would appear…. so annoying).  And lastly, I still haven’t figure out how to download… or is it upload.. pictures.

I have to say, that I ENVY my kiddos who are so tech-y. Even when they were younger they could easily figure out how to use our computer and phones etc. I now have to go to them for advice on just what the heck I am doing when it comes to my computer!  Between all of my kids they have blogs, gaming channels, servers, Vlogs, Snapchats, Facebook, Vines, Tumblers, Pinterest  and who knows what else.  Luckily my wonderful husband is a computer genius and can ‘keep an eye’ out for their online activities.  (It’s truly scary what can happen to kids out in the internet universe).

I really want to make a go of this blog though.  I feel I have a lot to share.  Before kids, I was a teacher.  I taught all sorts of  classes from preK to high school level and even some adult education courses.  My favorite teaching experiences were when I was teaching Family and Consumer Science courses.  Teaching life skills to teens was actually a blast! Teaching 4th graders was also fun because they were at an age where they would still listen and respect you, but were old enough to be so much more independent.  Then there were the Kindergarteners who were just so full of energy and life (I don’t think I could teach kindergarten now though…they have too much energy for me).

Anyway, my point is that I love teaching all different subjects for all different age groups.   Hence, the idea for this blog came about.  I want to use it as an outlet to not necessarily teach, but share knowledge with other like minds.  (Ohhh, that sounds so official… and bland.) How about I want to share knowledge with others in a fun way?  That’s a little better. Alright, I just want to share with you all my daily adventures and funny stories about LIFE.

I do hope you’ll all stick with  me for a while.   At least I hope this blog will  make you smile at my weekly life stories whether they are about cooking for my family, crafting, or at this point TRYING to figure out why computers or anything electronic, don’t like me.

Have a Great Week Everyone!


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